We are a Romanian consultancy established in 2004. We offer creative, competent and competitive solutions to Romanian and foreign companies in areas such as environmental management, health and safety management, emergency response management, waste management, business management and quality management.

We provide services to local and multinational companies and participate in multi-disciplinary projects coordinated by our international partners.

We are a fully professional, responsible, flexible, open and innovative consultancy, which charts its success by the number of appropriate solutions recommended to its clients.

We recommend cost-effective solutions, we respond to clients’ requests as promptly as practicable and we make available teams of experienced consultants, able to carry out studies of outstanding quality, drafted in Romanian, English and other international languages.

Our priorities include honouring our obligations to the clients, according to each client’s specific requests and by agreed deadlines, continually improving and diversifying the range of our services, under the governance of a quality management system, and concluding successful partnerships with organizations interested in sustaining and completing our efforts.